Mushroom Monitor

DIY weather observatory project

Mushroom monitor

The “Mushroom Monitor” was a project completed within a week during my course on “Hands-on Experience of Field Life.” In this course, we were allowed to cultivate anything we desired, with the prosperity of our plants determining our rankings. As an EE student, I came up with a practical idea to enhance my farming experience.

To monitor weather conditions in the farm remotely, I set up a weather observatory using an ESP32 as the processing core, as it offered convenient Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. I integrated various sensors, including an ambient light sensor, a Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor Module (DHT11), and a soil humidity sensor. Through sensor fusion in Python programming, I developed a real-time streaming website using Streamlit to display the data with hourly updates.

Additionally, I leveraged the ESP32’s deep sleep feature and performed power calculations. As a result, the weather observatory could power itself for up to two weeks with each charging session. This experience highlighted the significance of efficient power delivery and preservation.

mushroom appearance

To add a charming touch, I designed the appearance of the observatory as a red mushroom with white dots, making it visually appealing even from a distance. This “Mushroom Monitor” not only improved my farming routine but also demonstrated the practical application of EE skills in solving everyday challenges.