Kevin Huang

Becholar | Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University


Being able to collaborate with humans seamlessly and adapt to complex real-world environments is always our expectation for next-generation robots. Through numerous projects in my college life, I found the key to building such robots is how robots can better perceive environments and how we can better design the hardware and control strategies. Driven by passion toward this goal, I want to further delve into this field of study and solidified my determination to pursue a PhD in Robotics.

research interest

My research interest lies in the hardware development, control, and human‑robot interaction design for autonomous robots. My future goal is to become an industrial researcher and contribute to the development next‑generation robots.


Aug 17, 2023 Our paper on ‘Chandelier: A Surrounding Mid-Air Tangible Interface’ is accepted as a Poster to UIST2023 .
Oct 23, 2022 Our paper on ‘Design and Evaluation of the infant Cardiac Robotic Surgical System (iCROSS)’ is accepted to IROS2022.
Aug 4, 2022 Our paper on ‘Attitude Control Calibration and Experiment Testbed to Characterize Attitude Determination and Control System Performance’ is accepted to Small Satellites Conference 2022.
Jun 27, 2022 Looking forward to starting my internship as a mechanical engineer at Zebra Tech !
Feb 12, 2022 Excited to join as hardware engineering intern at Tensor Tech !

selected publications


  1. iCROSS.png
    Design and Evaluation of the infant Cardiac Robotic Surgical System (iCROSS)
    Po-Chih Chen, Pei-An Hsieh, Jing-Yuan Huang, and 2 more authors