Kevin Huang

Bachelor | Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University (NTU)


As an Electrical Engineering student at NTU, my interest lies in robotics and mechatronics. While these fields usually fall under the Mechanical Engineering department, I've taken the initiative to learn these skills on my own through projects (check out more details in the Projects tab), courses and researches. I'm particularly passionate about the hardware side of robotics, and working on projects has given me experience in mechanical design, PCB design, circuitry, and programming. It's not just about learning – it's been genuinely fun and fulfilling! My aim is to contribute to the development of advanced hardware and planning algorithms of robotics, making it more applicable in our daily lives while ensuring safety.

I'm currently in the process of applying for a PhD program in either Robotics or Mechanical Engineering. Despite lacking a formal mechanical engineering background, I've independently acquired skills in mechanical design using CAD software such as SolidWorks, Creo, and Fusion 360. Additionally, my knowledge in control has been enriched through dedicated courses in control theory and advanced precise motion control. This has allowed me to design modern controllers like RC, ILC, data-based ILC, and MPC, both in simulation and practical implementation. I believe I am qualified and genuinely eager to contribute to the field of study. I am excited about the prospect of embarking on this transformative journey and contributing to advancements in Robotics or Mechanical Engineering.

research interest

Robotics: hardware development, control, bio‑inspired robotics, manipulation and perception

other interest

mountain climbing, soccer, basketball, painting

selected publications

  1. iCROSS.png
    Design and Evaluation of the infant Cardiac Robotic Surgical System (iCROSS)
    Po-Chih Chen , Pei-An Hsieh , Jing-Yuan Huang, and 2 more authors