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General Information

Full Name Jing-Yuan Huang (黃靖元)
Date of Birth 17th October 2000
Languages Chinese, English


  • 2019 Sep. - 2023 Jun.
    Bechelor Degree of Electrical Engineering
    National Taiwan University
    • Overall GPA: 4.15/4.3 (3.94/4)
    • Last 60 credits: 4.25/4.3 (3.98/4)

Research Experience

  • 2021 Mar. - 2022 May.
    Design and Evaluation of the infant Cardiac Robotic Surgical System (iCROSS)
    • Devised and implemented prototypes of cable roller tool drivers for various surgical instruments, such as clip appliers and forceps.
    • Fabricated the system utilizing a combination of FDM, SLA 3D printing, and laser cutting techniques, achieving 1-millimeter precision.
  • 2022 Feb. - 2022 Aug.
    Attitude Control Calibration and Experiment Testbed to Characterize Attitude Determination and Control System Performance
    Tensor Tech.
    • Designed and evaluated a triaxial Helmholtz cage for a Nano-satellite testing system, achieving <5% deviation within a 100 mm^3 volume.
    • Conducted magnetic field measurements, analyzed the results with MATLAB simulations for homogeneity, linearity, and coupling.
  • 2022 May. - 2022 Oct.
    Chandelier - A Surrounding Mid-Air Tangible Interface
    • Developed motor control boards employing TB6612 drivers and microcontrollers to effectively control 120 DC motors.
    • Created ESP32 code to enable touch sensing and TCP communication for four user applications, enhancing human-computer interaction.

Project Experience

  • Sand-Art Robot
    A sand-painting robot arm
    • Constructed an open-source robot arm and created two novel end-effectors of sprinkling and scraping to perform sand painting.
    • Modeled and formulated a sand-painting path planning algorithm, resulting in processing input images into robot commands within 1 minute.
  • Ratrig V-CORE 3
    An open-source 3D printer
    • Revamped an open-source 3D printer, enhancing print quality through the addition of fans and adaptable enclosures.
    • Fine-tuned the machine for a wide range of materials, including PLA, ABS, TPE, PETG, and carbon fiber nylon.
  • Sushirobot
    An itamae sushi-making robot system
    • Engineered a four-plated folding mechanism and a soft gripper by combining PLA and TPE materials in 3D printing.
    • Developed ROS2 software to facilitate host synchronization with the robot arm and subsystems via serial, promoting seamless collaboration.
  • Magic Glove
    A FPGA-based sign language recognition system
    • Devised and crafted a glove featuring an IMU and bending sensors for real-time sign language recognition.
    • Enhanced recognition accuracy by implementing Dynamic Warping, Viterbi algorithm on an FPGA.
  • Self-Tracing Robot Car
    An automated car equipped with a fire detection and extinguishing system and remote control capability
    • Fabricated a mechanical Crank rocker system for the extinguisher aiming mechanism, providing 20cm of vertical adjustment.
    • Developed object detection code on a Raspberry Pi using OpenCV and established a remote control connection interface with a PC via Wi-Fi.

Work Experience

  • 2021 Sep. - 2023 Dec.

    Taipei, Taiwan

    Graphic Designer
    Digital Archive of Lin-Shan Lee
    • Created key visual elements for the website, including graphic images, artistic animations, and logos, using Photoshop and Illustrator.
    • Took charge of guiding website design and promoting communication and collaboration within the coding team during weekly meetings.
  • 2023 Feb. - 2023 June.

    Taipei, Taiwan

    Teaching Assistant
    Cornerstone EECS Design and Implementation Course
    • Provided hands-on assistance to students in soldering, circuitry, and Arduino projects within the class.
    • Delivered lectures on the usage of 3D printers and laser cutting, and conducted regular TA office hours in the Maker Space.
  • 2022 Jul. - 2022 Sep.

    Taipei, Taiwan

    Mechanical Engineer Intern
    Zebra Tech.
    • Integrated an IMU and stretch sensors to perform sensor fusion for gesture recognition, enhancing user comfort during scanner operation.
    • Designed PCBs for Ultra-wide band (UWB) tags and an ESP32 controller, enabling indoor positioning capabilities for warehouse scanner devices.
  • 2022 Feb. - 2022 Jun.

    Taipei, Taiwan

    Hardware Engineer Intern
    Tensor Tech.
    • Simulated magnetic fields and designed 3 Helmholtz Coil devices using stacked phenol-formaldehyde resin plates to ensure structural strength.
    • Engineered a 2-Axis platform for automated sun sensor calibration, significantly reducing manual operation time.

Honors and Awards

  • 2023
    • Grand award: Best application, MakeNTU
    • NXP courporation award: 3rd place, MakeNTU
  • 2022
    • Grand award: Best maker, MakeNTU
    • ST courporation award: 3nd place, MakeNTU
  • 2021
    • Grand award: 3rd Place, National College Innovation and Cross‑domain Integration Competition
  • 2019
    • 2019 The High Distinction Award, NTU general physics lab creative design contest

Leadership and Extracurricular Activities

  • 2020 Sep. - 2023 Jul.
    NTU Electrical Engineering Maker Space
    • Managed the public space and provided guidance to users in 3D printing, laser cutting, coding, and hardware development.
    • Delivered public presentations in academic salons, sharing experiences related to hardware development.
  • 2020 Sep. - 2022 Jun.
    Prop Group Project Leader
    NTU Electrical Engineering Light Dance
    • Led a team of 10 students in the design and implementation of props for characters, utilizing WS2812 LEDs, STM32 Bluepill, and Raspberry Pi.
    • Developed testing code using C++ on a Raspberry Pi 4B to control WS2812 LED strips and LEDs with optical fibers.
  • 2021 Sep. - 2022 Jun.
    Marketing Department President
    NTU Electrical Engineering Student Association
    • Guided a student team in shaping the key vision for electrical engineering student events.
    • Delivered lectures on visual and graphic design using Photoshop and Illustrator, reaching an audience of over 15 students.
  • 2019 Sep. - 2020 Feb.
    Curriculum and Instruction Section Chief
    Chaiyi and Yunlin Student Association Social Service Team
    • Devised the syllabus and multi-level experiments for instructing elementary school students in basic science and mathematics.
    • Conducted a lecture explaining the principles of Arduino and its application in lighting up LEDs.