Maxie Bed - smart bed

NM lab final project

Maxie’s bed

“Maxie’s Bed” was our final project for the Networking and Multimedia Laboratory. As EE students, we were all too familiar with the struggle of waking up early in the morning, and one of our junior even slept through an exam. To address this issue, we decided to create a special bed that would help everyone wake up on time.

The waking process was divided into three sections. In the first section, if the person didn’t wake up within 60 seconds of the alarm, a vibration motor would shake the bed. In the second section, if the person still didn’t wake up, thundersticks would be activated to gently slap them. Finally, in the last section, if the person remained lying down with their eyes closed, the entire bed would tilt, prompting them to roll down to the ground.

bed after tilting

The electrical components included two linear motors, an eccentric motor, and a servo motor, all controlled by an ESC and ESP32 MCU. For the software aspect, the ESP32 could communicate with Jetson Nano through Bluetooth. The Jetson Nano was equipped with a camera responsible for visual recognition to determine if the person on the bed was asleep or not. Additionally, we developed a website to facilitate clock setup.

CAD design

This project allowed us to explore and utilize Amazon’s online services, implementing them on Jetson Nano with hardware acceleration. Furthermore, we gained valuable experience in motor control and adjusting motor speeds to achieve the desired effects. “Maxie’s Bed” was an intriguing and enjoyable project, integrating both hardware and software elements to create a unique solution to the age-old struggle of waking up on time.