Lightener - smart light

2022 MakeNTU project

Lightener - smart light


  • Leader: 黃靖元
  • Member: 陳宏恩、楊學翰、陳韋旭、詹侑昕

Motivation and Inspiration

In recent years, environmental degradation has become increasingly severe, accompanied by abnormal climate change. Many people have begun to propose sustainable ideas, aiming to contribute to the environment without sacrificing our quality of life.

Since 2017, with the rise of the concept of secure electric power and the growing demand for electricity, Taiwan has faced a tight power supply. In the absence of a large-scale energy breakthrough, it is imperative for us to conserve energy to sustain our daily lives.

Observing daily life, we, as a team, recognize the ubiquitous presence of streetlights in densely populated urban areas. Streetlights provide illumination for nighttime traffic, light up blind spots in streets and alleys, and contribute to the safety and convenience of modern life.

However, considering the frequent occurrence of streetlights, we believe that, apart from making them more energy-efficient, they could also offer additional information for reference, significantly enhancing our convenience. For example, monitoring traffic accidents, fires, automatic reporting of malfunctions, measuring air quality, noise levels, weather conditions, or even practical integration with the internet.

By doing so, we can save a considerable amount of budget and alleviate future maintenance inconveniences, achieving sustainable operation.

Material List

Name Quantity
ESP32 6
Jetson Nano 1
RealSense D435i 1
WS2812B many
PM2.5 sensor 6
Ultrasonic sensor 6
13070000 solar panel 6
ambient light sensor 6

System Architecture

website <- ESP32 <- STM -> Sensors


Conclusion and Future Work

Due to technical challenges on the hardware side, unfortunately, we were unable to fully present the complete functionality of the streetlight. However, if we had more time, we believe we could overcome these obstacles and complete our project.

Through this MakeNTU experience, we gained valuable insights, encountering challenges in teamwork, system integration, and various other aspects. We now understand that this is not a straightforward task. Maintaining effective communication within the team is crucial. It not only prevents a breakdown in mindset but also keeps everyone informed about each other’s progress in real-time.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to the organizers for dedicating time to host this event. It allowed participants to unleash their creativity and embody the best spirit of the maker community.