Inverted Pendulum

Control system final project

Inverted pendulum

The “Inverted Pendulum” project was the culmination of my basic control theory class, which piqued my interest in the world of control theory. The course taught me various design methods for controllers, including bode plots, nyquist plots, and root locus. Our professor encouraged us to ask challenging questions to ensure a thorough understanding of the subject.

For the final project, I chose the inverted pendulum tutorial from the control tutorial website and supplemented it with my own testing results. Additionally, I created a simulation model in MATLAB Simulink for a 3D visualization of the outcomes.

I am eager to share my project, which includes a PowerPoint presentation and a YouTube video showcasing the results of the inverted pendulum experiment. This project has deepened my understanding of control theory and inspired me to explore further advancements in this field. Later on, I took linear system and precise motion control.