DEadlinE - C++ Game

Programming final project


“dEadlinE” is an engaging computer game that we proposed to be our programming class final project. The game revolves around a group of EE students, much like ourselves, who find themselves in a perpetual race against endless deadlines. To commemorate this common experience, we crafted a street fight-themed game. Written in C++, it features multiple maps and characters for players to choose from. Apart from coding, I also took on the creative role, drawing all the artwork, themes, and characters. The animation was meticulously crafted frame by frame to ensure smooth and captivating visuals.

selection page

The game’s core essence lies in the unique mechanic that appears whenever two players engage in combat. Two visible lines of flame approach the center of the field, causing the play area to shrink as the “deadlines” draw nearer. Each character possesses a default weapon available to all players, as well as a secret weapon exclusive to them. Victory in the game depends on avoiding being defeated or touching the deadline, which results in the player receiving an “F” symbolizing flunk. A player who accrues two “F” marks is declared the loser.

in game

The development of this project provided me with invaluable insights into basic C++ programming and deepened my understanding of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in C++. We created several classes for characters, scenes, maps, and more, significantly enhancing my programming prowess. “Deadline” has been a memorable and rewarding experience, combining creativity with technical expertise, and igniting my passion for further exploration in the realm of game development and programming.