NTU Food Map

Web Programming final project

NTU food map

The “NTU Food Map” is the final project of our Web Programming class, where we learned the basics of website construction, starting from simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to more advanced concepts like React. Throughout the course, we engaged in assignments and practiced hackathons with time constraints, becoming familiar with various packages such as Nodejs, Nextjs, Hooks, and MongoDB.

main page

For our final project, my team of three members decided to create a website featuring a food map around National Taiwan University (NTU). As newcomers to the university from different cities, we understood the struggle of finding good restaurants amidst the overwhelming academic workload. Thus, we aimed to help our junior students be more prepared and avoid disappointing dining experiences.

embeded Google map

Using React, we designed the website to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. It was essential for us to curate a comprehensive database of restaurants, which required significant time and effort. We implemented tags and categories to streamline searches and facilitate quick decision-making. Additionally, we integrated Google Maps to provide users with detailed information. Finally, the most valuable and practical tool we included was the “random selection” feature, where users can be spontaneously guided to a restaurant in their preferred region or category.

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This comprehensive website stands as a fulfilling project, reflecting our growth in web programming and presenting a valuable resource for the NTU community.